Monday, July 21, 2008

A proud moment of sorts

We have been fiddling around with a garden for several months now. Our space is limited and our tomato and bean plants didn't yield much more than tasty snacks (though they were tasty and fresh). However, our pumpkins did great! Just by using the seeds from a pumpkin we purchased at the market, Scott managed to grow and harvest three pretty decent pumpkins. Here is one that we picked today and should manage to feed us for the rest of the week. Pumpkin pasta...pumpkin soup...pumpkin souffle...pumpkin omelets...pumpkin peas and pumpkin...pumpkin bread...pumpkin pie! We are also saving the seeds to toast and plant another vine or two.

So hats off to producing enough of something to make a dent (ding?? scratch??) in our food expenditures for the week.


brittney said...

congrats guys, that punkin' looks great! i should have decided to visit this week, just so that i could enjoy your feasting :)

Cory said...

I see Scott went for the beard as well. Mine took about 6 weeks to really fill. Scott's looks like it wasn't as hard.