Sunday, May 17, 2009


We recently returned from our first real vacation on the island. Daimon and Kirsten came down for a week and we had a great time showing them around. we spent the last night in Montego Bay with them and once they flew out early in the morning, we took off on our own vacation. 10 days traveling along the north coast. We spent 3 days in St. Anns Bay with Kelly and had a great time cooking, walking, and we did successfully spend most of a day at the beach. This is a greater accomplishment than you might think because we can't sit still and I don't really like sand. We then traveled to Portland where we spent 4 days with Josh and Jesse in their amazing site. Hiking, playing in waterfalls, swimming in the river, and catching up on The Office on their wall (their projector is awesome!). We spent the last couple of days staying at Great Huts in Boston Bay enjoying jerk pork and reading books. We actually spent a whole day reading books. I don't know if that has ever happened before. Then home.

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